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Faux Finishing

Faux Finishing, Bayville, NJ When you are looking for an innovative way to add beauty and sophistication to your home, we can suggest faux finishing for several reasons. Faux painting is a decorative painting technique involving the use of patterns, stencils, and stripes for creating the impression of various forms of surfaces.

At Walter’s Custom Painting, we are your faux finishing experts in Bayville, NJ. Our experienced and trained crew can provide you with almost endless options when it comes to creating a finish to your liking.

Why Choose Faux Finishing?

Faux finishes work as excellent alternatives to wallpaper. We can create original and artistic walls, featuring smooth and seamless surfaces. You can have us mimic a premium material such as marble and get the same effects at just a fraction of the cost.

Our faux finishing painters can use a wide range of paints to create your desired looks. Besides, we are masters at using all the different tools such as:

  • Sponges
  • Rags
  • Brushes
  • Rollers

Faux Painting Styles

Over the years, our team of faux finishing painters has mastered all the different techniques in this art form, including but not limited to marbling, faux wood graining, granites, and stones. There are many styles of faux painting, each one having its unique final effect. We work on all of them including:

  • Stone Finishes: Stones are less commonly used in interior design or construction because they are heavy for decoration. We can create faux-painted stone surfaces to achieve your desired looks.
  • Wood: If you think wood is out of your budget for home decoration, our faux painting service can help you achieve the desired finish. Wood faux finishing is versatile and can match any interior décor element. Besides, you will not have to worry about the surface suffering nicks and scratches.
  • Metal: We can create the look of copper, gold, or tin for your interior décor as well. If you prefer gilded walls to add a touch of royalty, our metallic faux finishing service can be perfect for you.
  • Fabric: Silk, leather, and linen faux finishes can create the look of rich fabrics on your walls. You can get the desired looks of rich fabrics without having to use actual fabric, which would be an impractical option.

Some of the other faux styles, finishes, and techniques we offer for our residential and commercial clients include antique finishes, Venetian plaster, color wash, rag rolling, marbleizing, and graining.

Importance of Faux Finish

We use artistic and creative faux-finishing techniques. Our services are foxed on adding appeal and beauty to your home or commercial property. Clients mostly choose this service to create a natural look and finish for their walls and other surfaces. The ability of faux painting to create the appearance of such objects has made it a widely popular option with different types of property owners.

At Walter’s Custom Painting, we have the experience and skills to transform your ideas into reality. If you want to discuss your faux finishing ideas and vision with us, give us a call at 732-797-8901. We serve clients throughout Bayville and the surrounding areas.