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Venetian Plastering

Venetian Plastering, Bayville, NJ Venetian plastering select surfaces can help create stunning accents. It can also be used on all walls to bring about a spectacular transformation. At Walter’s Custom Painting, we can provide our expertise with all your finished ideas, working closely with you from start to finish. If you are looking for an experienced and reputed name in Bayville, NJ for Venetian plaster projects, we are the experts.

What Is Venetian Plastering?

Venetian plaster is a tinted plaster, hand-applied with a trowel, to create an original and distinctive plaster design. Our experienced and trained craftsmen can apply multiple layers many times to create your desired finish. There are different options available in terms of:

  • Materials
  • Applications
  • Techniques

This allows us to produce customized finishes for our clients, resulting in an original and unique design every time.

We can deliver a finish that varies from matte to high sheen. The plaster can be rendered from a glass-like appearance to an extremely rough surface. There is only one way to achieve the desired results with Venetian plaster – the mixture, the application, and everything in between needs to be in perfect balance, or else the results will not be satisfactory. At Walter’s Custom Painting, we have mastered the art of setting the right balance between all the steps in the process.

We can create a finished surface that can be cleaned. An advantage of Venetian plastering is that any damage can be repaired.

What Makes Venetian Plastering Special?

Beautiful Venetian plaster can benefit any old or new wall and ceiling. It is made of marble dust and plaster and has multiple thin layers. It creates an illusion of texture and depth.

Venetian plaster is colored or tinted, as it uses synthetic or natural pigments. This allows us to create surfaces in colors of your choice. The combination of the artistry and talents of our team with the traditional Venetian plastering technique enables us to provide sophisticated beauty to your surfaces.

Our Strategy

We enjoy the process of Venetian plastering. To us, the impeccable results we deliver are a result of the close collaboration between our client and our designers and installers. It is a rewarding process for us to bring the touch of traditional beauty to your home or business.

Venetian plastering is an art and we are proud to bring it in its best form to our clients. We have knowledge of the technique as well as the materials. We also have the experience required to bring all the following elements together to deliver the perfect results:

  • Timing
  • Pressure
  • Movements
  • Direction

We usually apply Venetian plaster with at least three layers. Our application is much faster than other alternatives and entirely clean.

At Walter’s Custom Painting, we are a fully licensed and insured painting and finishing company in Bayville, NJ. We offer free estimates to our clients to make it easier to budget the project. There are no hidden charges or fees in our estimates. If you want to discuss your Venetian Plastering project with us, feel free to contact us at 732-797-8901.